Quality leaders
in synthetic rope and
wire rope

We manufacture and supply high-performance ropes that exceed the standards of our industries and customers.
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We provide the best
ropes and fibers solutions

We are a 100% Mexican company, leaders in the manufacturing of ropes and polyester, polyethylene, nylon, polyester, and polyethylene synthetic fiber ropes.

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We offer our customers quality products made with first-class raw materials.

Cables y Fibras-Feature
Customer service

The service is provided before and after purchasing a product to clarify any doubts that arise in the process.

Cables y Fibras-Feature

It is the link between employees and customers that connects us to meet in a timely manner with their needs.

High Performance Strings and Fibers

Cables y Fibras-Service

Good finish that makes it easy to handle and highly resistant to bending and friction, as well as good buoyancy. Great weather resistance with high durability in the sun.

Cables y Fibras-Service

Ideal for heavy duty work such as handlines and drag ropes.

Cables y Fibras-Service

For more difficult work at height, fishing or movement of delicate equipment, protection nets for delimited areas such as children's games or sports fields.

Cables y Fibras-Service

Resists moisture, dries fast, and as it is a heavy material, it does not float.


First-class raw materials

Fishing, for use of:
  • Marine nets
  • Chinchorros
  • Guide lines
  • Knots for shipments
  • Maritime cages
  • Boat anchors
  • Tarrayas
Energetic, for use of:
  • Handlines
  • Lines
  • Pulleys
  • Moorings
  • Safety harness
Agriculture and Livestock, for use of:
  • Shade netting
  • Chavindas to lacing
  • Crops
Deportive, for use of:
  • Crossfit
  • Nets
  • Safety harness